(602) Rescue Plan, pt. 1

So…yeah.  What’s all this then?

This is an update to prove that Fade Resistant, myself, and, most importantly, my characters, are not dead.  I had some free time after the semester ended, and I had an itching (burning, really) desire to do something creative, ’cause god knows that’s not what school is about.  Unfortunately, school will come back soon, and, being what it is, will require my undivided attention.  Thus, today’s comic does not, much as I would like it to, usher in a renewed era of regular updates.

But it should whet your appetite; this summer, I expect to have (slightly) more free time, and will make every effort to put out new comics on some kind of a schedule.  As such, bookmarking the RSS feed will ensure that you never miss an update.  Stay tuned!

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  1. CyberSkull

    2 out of 3 isn’t so bad…

  2. Amedeus

    Any is better than none!