So.  MTV’s remaking Michael J. Fox’s classic comedy Teen Wolf as a drama about a kid who’s bitten by a werewolf and then gets hunted by werewolf hunters, all the while the kid’s learning that as a werewolf he must hunt thinks because HE’S a hunter too.  There’s apparently a lot of hunting involved.


Twilight Teen Wolf

Oh, and our hero plays lacrosse now, since someone at MTV thought basketball wasn’t XTREME enough.  And yet for as much as the show looks like it wants to emulate the CW’s Vampire Diaries and create an epic teen drama about supernatural beings fitting in and learning to love others…and themselves…at least Vampire Diaries has the misfortune of having a hilariously awesome abbreviation:

“Say, Candi, are you doing anything fun tonight?”

“Not much, Staci–just staying in and catching up on my VD.”

I mean, c’mon.  ”I’m just staying in and catching up on my TW” simply doesn’t have the same laugh potential.  For shame, MTV.  Anyway, inspired by MTV’s atrocious remake of TW, I was thinking about some other classic tales that could be bastardized into angsty teen dramas:

Montgomery has a terrible secret.  His eccentric uncle has demanded that he must spend $30 million in 30 days, or else something terrible will happen.  It’s a race against the clock as Montgomery must learn to live…and love…with his terrible secret, as he tries to spend the money without telling his vampire girlfriend about his terrible secret.  Coming this fall to the CW…Brewster’s Millions.

Or what about…

Three werewolves find themselves forced to deal with a terrible secret that was caused by one of them…only they don’t know which one.  Can they learn to live…and love…before the terrible secret tears them apart like their werewolf fangs (because they’re werewolves)?  Coming this fall to MTV…3 (Werewolf) Men and a Baby.

And if THIS doesn’t get you amped for fall sweeps, then I don’t know what will…

Ocean Beach High School has a terrible secret that the teachers have kept quiet for years.  But when Peter Venkman discovers the terrible secret, the dead will walk the earth.  Peter and his friends Ray and Egon must learn to live…and love…before Peter’s girlfriend Dana succumbs to the school’s terrible secret.  Coming this fall to ABC…Ghostbusters.

Seriously, these shows practically write themselves!  What do YOU think, dear reader?  Pitch your teen drama in the comments below….

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