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Yeah, so THIS was not, in fact, the end of the squirrel invasion.  My friend Sarah just had a close encounter of the third kind with a furry-tailed rodent.  I felt her story needed to be saved in comic form for all eternity.  Here is her story.  Her ordeal…
[Click each pic to embiggen.]

So.  MTV’s remaking Michael J. Fox’s classic comedy Teen Wolf as a drama about a kid who’s bitten by a werewolf and then gets hunted by werewolf hunters, all the while the kid’s learning that as a werewolf he must hunt thinks because HE’S a hunter too.  There’s apparently a lot of hunting involved.
Oh, and [...]

7:15AM: I wake up, thirsty.  The water bottle by my bed is empty; I go to the kitchen for a refill.
7:16AM: Half asleep, I shuffle zombie-like into the dining room.  I stop.  The curtains look…off.  There’s a small, dark shape above one end of the curtains.  I didn’t know what the shape was, but knew [...]

And that’s really the question, isn’t it?
It’s been a while since I updated anything here; hope my absence hasn’t scared away too many people (hello? hello? echo…! echo…!).  Anywho, this is just a note to say that I AM still out there, and AM still planning to do Fade Resistant comics again.  I’m currently writing [...]

It was weeeell past time to upgrade the ComicPress and WordPress hamsters running this website.  The default ComicPress theme is nice enough, but lacks that certain je ne sais quoi purdy Fade ResistantTM style.
So please bear with me as I try to re-prettify the site. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated!
p.s. Gotta love that [...]

When was last update?
You’ve all waited long enough:
Comic coming soon

First, we’re up to no. 327 uploaded in the archive.  
Second, there’s about 24 more months of backdated comics to upload (geez, I’ve been slacking…). So here’s the deal: I pledge to upload about a month’s worth of comics each day for the next 24 days or so. That’s roughly 12 comics per day. [...]

The first 300 comics are uploaded.  I’ll get some more tomorrow.

I’ve been intermittently transferring the backlog of comics from the old site to the “new” site, but have been slow about it.  Sorry about that; I will try to make a concerted effort to add a few comics every day for those of you who happen to stumble upon this site and wonder why the archive jumps [...]

Okay, so today marks the debut of the new (and first in like 3 years) site redesign. I think it’s for the better, although I know there are still some kinks to work out that I am working to, uh, work out. It also requires that I upload each of the 600 strips manually, and [...]

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