(606) A Sensitive Subject

(A.K.A. The “Civil War”)

By the way, if you are a fan of LOST and haven’t yet seen them on The Twitter feed to the left of the comic, check out some of these #lostcomics I made up. (h/t nedroid (of the great Beartato))

When was last update?
You’ve all waited long enough:
Comic coming soon

First, we’re up to no. 327 uploaded in the archive.  

Second, there’s about 24 more months of backdated comics to upload (geez, I’ve been slacking…). So here’s the deal: I pledge to upload about a month’s worth of comics each day for the next 24 days or so. That’s roughly 12 comics per day. I’ll upload them in the evenings, but to keep away the clutter I won’t keep making new blog posts about it (i.e., it won’t show up in the RSS feed). And in exchange, just keep coming back here each night :)


The first 300 comics are uploaded.  I’ll get some more tomorrow.

I’ve been intermittently transferring the backlog of comics from the old site to the “new” site, but have been slow about it.  Sorry about that; I will try to make a concerted effort to add a few comics every day for those of you who happen to stumble upon this site and wonder why the archive jumps about 400 comics without explanation. Edit:  added comics up to no. 265.  That’s all for now; will probably add a few more late tonight.

Okay, so today marks the debut of the new (and first in like 3 years) site redesign. I think it’s for the better, although I know there are still some kinks to work out that I am working to, uh, work out. It also requires that I upload each of the 600 strips manually, and this takes time that I unfortunately do not have in unlimited quantities. So please bear with me. (Baring with me is also recommended. Woo! Nekked time!)

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to update your links if you’ve linked to any of the archived comics! I’m using a whole new engine to run this two-horse webcomic, so the archive puts out different permalinks. But if you check out the Archive, you can see all the comics there, broken down by date, category, and name. Have at it!