(606) A Sensitive Subject

(A.K.A. The “Civil War”)

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I think the best thing about having a website (aside from the fans, of course (luv u guys!!1!!1!)) is looking at the site statistics and seeing what search queries people used to find the site. Because of my infamous article about why the Simpsons now sucks, things like “simpsons sucks,” or “what happened to the simpsons?” are always at or near the top of the list.

Today, I see this:

“mmmph chloro or chloroform or chloroforms or chloroformed or chloroforming.”

The mind boggles. Clearly, someone out there has an agenda that involves illicit uses of trichloromethane, and I’m not sure I like that. Of course, it could be worse, but part of me buried deep down inside fears for the worst, and hopes for the best. Do I really have my own internet stalker?? Only time will tell, but with any luck, I won’t end up down in a well somewhere, having to put lotion on my skin or get the hose again. Cuz lemme tell ya, that last time sucked.